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Are you in the middle of a dispute or conflict? Have you tried to resolve it on your own without success? Would you like to try to reach an agreement or come to terms without going to or continuing through the court system? Have you found the cost of regular mediation to be an insurmountable financial burden?

If so, we can help. WBL's Mediation Services were created and exist to help individuals, companies, families, coworkers, etc. resolve conflicts using affordable mediation outside the court system. Not only can it save time and money, but it may also help to reconcile parties rather than just resolve a dispute.

Employee mediation, in-house mediation, dispute resolution, human resources mediation

Employee Dispute Resolution

 As an employer, you see conflicts between employees, direct reports and managers, employees and vendors, managers and executives and executives and board members. Whether the conflict is an ongoing minor annoyance or an alleged employment law violation, we can work with your team and train them to utilize better conflict management techniques or help mediate a potential employment lawsuit before it gets too far into the system. 

Discount Mediation, Affordable Mediation, Christian Conciliation, Conflict Coaching

Christian Conciliation

For disputes between churches, members of a church or other religious organizations, or other believers of faith who would like to engage in Christian Conciliation, we offer this as an option as well.

Christian Conciliation is very similar to Mediation except the goal is reconciliation of the parties rather than just an agreement or settlement of terms. In addition to adhering to standard mediation or conflict resolution principles, Christian Conciliation addresses how we as Christians should approach this particular conflict in an effort to reconcile ourselves with the other party and God. We do this by incorporating Scriptures,  into the conciliation meeting.

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